Coastal Cinig Furniture Developing Co., Ltd.(China)
ChinaThu 18th October 2018

Cinig Furniture Developing Co., Ltd. is a private funded enterprise enjoying long-term cooperation relationship with Italian partner in jointly designing, developing and marketing. Ever since September 2001 when we initiated "CINIG", a classic furniture brand, CINIG has been widely known in the industry for unique style. Having inheriting ancient cultural tradition and civilization of the east and west, CINIG Furniture mingles artfully the romance of furniture of several thousand years with the production workmanship of modern furniture. Through boldly inheriting and creating initiative, and seeking simple, natural, graceful and elegant attainment, CINIG Furniture presents unsophisticated, dignified, fresh and elegant look. Zhenmei Furniture has won respectively gold and silver medals on furniture design in 2004 and 2005 Guangzhou Spring Furniture Exhibition Fair, with 70% of our products sold far in Europe, American and Australia.

Nowadays, our company owns 50,000 odd covering furniture production plants, and introduces advanced professional carpentry equipment for computer analog design from Italy and Germany. With elaborate and exquisite material, our furniture products meet the State's green and environmental requirements. With complete supporting equipment, we enjoy full categories of products, covering bedroom furniture series, living room series, study room series, dining table and chair series, and supporting work to hotel and villa. Adopting flow line production, and empowered by scientific management and well-established system, our company has passed certification of ISO9001 quality system, and manufactures high quality products to provide people with comfortable, leisure and happy life.

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